Professional Development Workshops

California has adopted the Next Generation Science Standards, which hold the promise of transforming science teaching and learning. In order effectively implement these new standards, teachers will need training and ongoing support. CRS builds long-term partnerships with teachers, schools, principals and district leaders to find the resources they need.  We connect teachers with the wide range of high quality professional development opportunities offered by science education providers in the community. We also offer customized, on-site, free or low cost professional development to meet the needs, budget, and time constraints of individual schools and districts.

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I avoided science all through school, from high school through college. I always felt intimidated. After this training I feel so much more empowered to be a scientist!  Thank you so much. -- West Contra Costa teacher

Current Professional Development Workshops

New standards call for new training for teachers! CRS can help you find resources in the Bay Area to meet your school and staff needs. In addition, CRS is offering several new workshops that address the opportunities and challenges of California's new science, math, and language arts standards.  Schools can select individual workshops from the list below, or request a series of workshops customized to meet your needs throughout the year.

CRS member schools in Oakland, Berkeley, West Contra Costa, and Emeryville are eligible to receive one FREE CRS professional development workshop this year.


  • Introduction to Elementary Engineering: What it is, Why it matters, and How to Get Started
  • Advanced Elementary Engineering: Design Challenges for K-2, and 3-5 Classrooms
  • Understanding the new science standards (Next Generation Science Standards) & How they Connect With Common Core Standards
  • Talk like a scientist: Discourse (polite arguing!) is now encouraged in the classroom
  • Throw a Fantastic Science & Engineering Festival: Tips, Tricks, and Low-cost materials for Successful Events
  • No-fears, no-tears Science Fair Explorations: Engage the Whole Class in Science Investigations & Engineering Challenges
  • Taking Science Teaching and Learning to the Next Level: Resources, Planning Tools, and Recognition for Excellence This workshop can range from 30 minutes to one hour; we provide an overview of the CRS support services, individual or grade level consulting to find resources, tools for effective science lesson planning, and a step-by-step guide to earning recognition for excellence through the CRS Science Super Star Challenge.

Additional CRS Workshop Offerings: 

CRS provides customized year-long workshop series for schools or groups of schools. Workshops include hands-on activities, templates and strategies to explore, reflections and lesson planning time, presentations by scientists and engineers.

CRS workshops are designed to help build knowledge, skills and confidence in science teaching. Our workshops are fast-paced sessions that provide teachers with techniques, resource connections, tools, and planning time. Workshops are offered to both teacher groups of ten or more and whole faculties.  Whole-school workshops are offered on-site to let faculties work together as a school community to accomplish their science goals and understand student learning. We support the development of teachers who are able to plan, teach, and refine strong, subject-integrated science lessons using an inquiry-based approach to their teaching and their own professional development.