30 Favorite Websites

There are many different resources for hands-on science activities that can supplement adopted curriculum and enrich your lessons.  We’ve listed some great on-line connections, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can become a member, and we’ll search for you, on-line and in our activity library! For websites with classroom activities or on-line student experiences related to specific subjects, see the searchable CRS Database.


National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
Many free resources and articles available on-line, from activity ideas to research on best practices in science education at all grade levels.  Annual membership provides you access to an extensive library of activities, articles, professional development activities and excellent periodicals.  You also get a discount to their store full of activity books. 

Smile is an online community of people who are looking for and want to contribute activity ideas in math and science. 

Teachers' Domain
A PBS website designed for teachers that allows access to digital media and professional development in all subject areas.

Understanding Science
This site is designed for teachers to get to the heart of what the practice of science really is.  Includes activity guides.

Bay Area Science
Use this site to find science lectures, classes and events around the Bay Area for you or the families at your school.

Resource Area for Teachers (RAFT)
Located in San Jose and San Mateo this Bay Area Resource is a great place to find professional development workshops, lesson plan "Idea Sheets' , and cheap materials and equipment for your classroom

National Science Digital Library (NSDL)
National, free, online library for education and research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Share My Lesson
Find lesson plans that use the common core standards or share you own.  

Invite your students to visit the Museum's science website for kids. They'll find hands-on activities, games, and scientist interviews.

Online database of age-appropriate, theme-specific teaching materials created by educators, for educators.

Annenberg/CPB Teachers' Lab
"A place for teachers to explore new ideas in learning." Video workshops on science content and pedagogy, including downloadable "video on demand."

Ask a Scientist
Index of questions and answers about basic science questions, plus links to other "ask a scientist" sites.

NASA's Educator Portal
All of NASA's education resources in one spot. Organized by keyword, grade level, product type, and subject.

The Science Spot
Includes lessons, links, reference desk, puzzles, and shared teaching tips.

This website is dedicated to helping teachers use the Internet, and in addition to lesson plan lists and links it also has free, self-paced tutorials on how to use common software, search engines, and more.

Scientific American
Ask the experts questions about astronomy, biology, chemistry, computers or geology.

Gateway to Chem4Kids.comBiology4Kids.comGeography4Kids.comPhysics4Kids.com, Cosmos4Kids.com,  and others.

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Enchanted Learning


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Sites Designed for Students

ALA Great Websites for Kids
Index of hundreds of links to websites for kids from the American Library Association.

This site has on-line activities and field trips on all areas of science.  Available in nine different languages.

BBC Science Clips
A great array of on-line animated science activities for kids sorted by age and topic.

Science for Kids.gov
List of links to government sites with kids science content. 

The Globe Program
Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment - Join GLOBE to get access to a worldwide, hands-on, school-based education and science program, offering opportunities for students measure and report data, publish research projects, create maps and graphs, and collaborate with scientists and students around the world via this remarkable website. Also provides excellent teacher support.

Fear of Physics
Kids can play with simulations of common physics phenomena, described in kid-friendly terms, such as speed and acceleration, pendulums, collisions, why things fall, etc. Has a homework help section, a physics dictionary, and a page for teachers to create on-line assignments.

Operation Ruby-throat: The Hummingbird Project
A cross-disciplinary, international initiative people collaborate to study behavior and distribution of the Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Spanish language version available.

Journey North
A global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change. K-12 students share field observations with classmates across North America. Track seasons through migration patterns of monarch butterflies, many species of birds and mammals, budding of plants, and other natural events.

CIESE: Real Time Data and Primary Source Projects
The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education sponsors and designs interdisciplinary projects that utilize real time data and collaborative projects using the Internet. Check out "The Wonderful World of Weather," "Square of Life," "Bucket Buddies," and "Measuring the Circumference of the Earth" among projects designed for elementary students.