Science Standards Overview

This is your one stop shop for resources about the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and how they coordinate with Common Core Standards.  Use these pages to Explore and bring the standards to life in your classrooms.

California State Science ​Standards (aka Next Generation Science Standards) Overview

On September 4, 2013 California adopted the Next Generation Science Standards as the science standards for the state.  Official California Science Standards Website.

NGSS Topics by Grade: A Quick Glance

We've got plenty of detailed information for you in the sections below. Here are three different quick "at a glance" summaries of the content covered in the new standards. 
  • Grid of Content Grade Level Changes - See the content changes from grade to grade. NGSS grade levels are on the left and old California Standards on the right. Color coding helps you see where content has moved and stayed at the same grade level. 

We put together these documents to give you concise tools to see content at different grade levels. 


General Resources on the Next Generation Science Standards


The Next Generation Science Standards were developed based on the NRC’s Science Framework.  This framework is available to purchase in paperback or download the PDF for free.   The framework is in narrative form and served as the blueprint for the NGSS.  It is an integral companion to the NGSS.  Also worth checking out is the NSTA Reader’s Guide to A Framework for K-12 Science Education. Here are some additional resources to help you become comfortable with the NGSS.


District Implementation Resources

Resources for Planning Three Dimensional Science Lessons

The Three Dimensions of NGSS

Please follow the links below to our pages that go more deeply into the different dimensions of the standards