Volunteer Spotlights

Meredith Triplet: Helping Others Through Faith and Science

We spotlight Meredith Triplet, who wears many hats with CRS: BASIS volunteer, Steering Committee and Advisory Council member, and Campus Recruiter.  Her journey combining faith and science gives her a unique perspective as an others-centered woman in STEM.

Jason Pflueger: Science in His DNA

We spotlight Jason Pflueger, a 6th-year graduate student in the College of Chemistry.  We are inspired by his journey from watching the Magic School Bus and Bill Nye to studying natural product synthesis.  Jason leads science outreach in the Sarpong Lab, inspiring other scientists to invest in the next generation of thinkers, makers, problem solvers, and leaders!

Nicole Fay: Post-BASIS Science Outreach

We spotlight former BASIS volunteer & science outreach enthusiast Nicole Fay. Read about her science outreach through different life stages.

Mark Stepaniak: Teacher to PhD Candidate

We  spotlight high school biology teacher turned PhD candidate Mark Stepaniak.  Mark volunteers with our BASIS and Be A Scientist programs and devotes his life to building up the next generation of scientists.  We love Mark’s passion for educational equity.  Enjoy reading Mark’s journey of science learning, teaching, and outreach.


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