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Don't see a lesson that matches your interests? Contact the BASIS Program Manager! We have a much more extensive lesson archive that address a variety of science and engineering concepts - we're sure to have one that interests you! We're also happy to coach BASIS teams through the process of developing a new lesson, but we encourage volunteers to spend some time in the classroom first!

*Note: The BASIS lesson plans listed here are all aligned with the new Next Generation Science Standards. We are in the process of updating more lessons and they will be made available soon! 

Teachers: Please note that California FOSS kit connections are included in parentheses next to each lesson name.





1st Grade

We need to develop a new lesson for this discipline and grade! If interested, please contact us!

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

We need to develop a new lesson for this discipline and grade! If interested, please contact us!

5th Grade

Dirt: Making Dirty Water Clean (FOSS 4) *Coming soon!





Animals Around the World (FOSS K) *Coming Soon!

Germs and Your Body (FOSS K)

Sensing the World Around Us (FOSS K)

1st Grade

Our Brains Sensing Our World (FOSS K)

Botany on Your Plate (FOSS 1) *Coming soon!

2nd Grade

Kids Protect the Bay! (FOSS 4)

Plant Life Cycles (FOSS 2) *Coming soon!

3rd Grade

Adapting to Survive (FOSS 3)

Plants Show Their True Colors (FOSS 5) *Coming soon!

The Spice of Life: Variation Between Species (FOSS 3) *Coming soon!

4th Grade

Bioengineering: Protect That Pill! (FOSS 5)

Brain Talk! How Brains Communicate (FOSS 5) *Coming soon!

Microorganisms: Good or Evil? (FOSS 5)

Please Play with Your Food! (FOSS 5)

Smell Me If You Can! How Insects Communicate (FOSS 5)

5th Grade

Ocean Ecosystems & You! (FOSS 4)

Wildland Fire (FOSS 4) *Coming soon!





1st Grade

2nd Grade

It's Just a Phase! Exploring States of Matter (FOSS 3) *Coming soon!

3rd Grade

Balloon Rocket Cars (FOSS 2)

Exploring Magnets (FOSS 2)

Magnet Mania! (FOSS 2)

How To Make Things Fly (FOSS 2) *Coming soon!

4th Grade

Heat Transfer: It's So Cool! (FOSS 3) *Coming soon!

Light and Waves (FOSS 3) *Coming soon!

Squishy Circuits (FOSS 4)

Renewable Energy & Climate Change (FOSS 4)

Seeing Is Believing (FOSS 4) *Coming soon!

5th Grade

Can We See Your DNA? (FOSS 5)

Finding The Perfect Fit! An Introduction to Enzymes (FOSS 5)

Chemistry of Soap (FOSS 5) *Coming soon!

Heavy Metal: Metals & Elements (FOSS 5) *Coming soon!

How to Think Like a Scientist (FOSS 5) *Coming soon!

Under Pressure: Air Pressure & You (FOSS 5) *Coming soon!

Water You Waiting For? Dive Into the Wonders of Water (FOSS 5) *Coming soon!




Kindergarten, 1st Grade, & 2nd Grade

Those Darn Squirrels!

Materials & Structures

Egg Drop Challenge *Coming soon!

Marshmallow Challenge: A Tower Building Adventure *Coming soon!

3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

Catapult Challenge

Bioengineering: Protect That Pill! (FOSS 5) (Available only for grades 4-5)

Unblock My Heart!  *Coming soon!