Additional Outreach Opportunities

CRS offers a variety of one-time volunteer opportunities in addition to our ongoing volunteer programs. Most of them occur in the evening or on weekends, so they may work well for you if you are not available during the school day. You are also more than welcome to participate in these opportunities in addition to your involvement with BASIS or Be A Scientist.

Below are descriptions for the different types of opportunities we offer. Please see the end of the page to learn how to sign up for any of these great options! If you have questions, please contact

CRS Outreach Events

CRS participates in many one-time outreach events throughout the year, such as science festivals, farmer’s markets, and other community events. For these types of events, we run an activity station with a hands-on science activity that children of all ages (and even adults!) can engage in. A CRS staff member is always present, and we provide the activity and materials (although we are always open to suggestions for new, fun science activities).

These opportunities usually take place during late afternoon/evening on a weekday, or during the day on a weekend. For longer events, we split the day into 2-3 hour shifts so you are able to sign up for the shift that best works for your schedule.  If you sign up to participate in a given opportunity, we will email you in advance with information about the activity you will be helping with.

Family Science Nights

Many schools organize family science & engineering nights, where students and their families have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities. While school staff usually help to run activity stations, extra scientist volunteers are often needed, either to bring an additional science/engineering activity, or to help staff an activity station that the school sets up.

Science & engineering nights generally take place on a weekday, in the late afternoon to early evening. Volunteers are usually needed for a period of 2-3 hours (including set-up time). We are always happy to give suggestions for fun activities to bring to a science night, and we can also help you gather materials.

Career Days

Elementary and middle schools sometimes host career days, or career fairs, and ask our help to find scientists to participate. The format for these events varies by school, but generally you would be asked to talk about what you do in your career, how you got to where you are, what type of education background you have, etc.

These events usually take place during the school day. You may be needed for 1-3 hours, depending on the format of the event.

Teacher Workshops

If you are interested in working with teachers to bolster their science knowledge and enthusiasm, this is a great opportunity for you! Throughout the year, CRS offers professional development workshops on a variety of topics to schools across the East Bay. Teachers often express interest in hearing from real scientists, either about their research, or to talk about a specific content area of science (i.e. matter, water cycle, etc.).

These workshops generally take place on a weekday, after school, and are scheduled as schools request them. We may need a scientist for a short 20 minute talk, or for a full one-hour workshop, depending on the needs of the individual school. We sometimes also ask the visiting scientist to bring a demo or an example of a hands-on activity that teachers might be able to do with their students.

If you are interested in this opportunity, we would send out an email to see who might be interested/available for a given workshop day and topic, and then our CRS team would work with you to develop, refine, or provide feedback on your presentation. Note that we will keep in mind your individual strengths and background: if you are a biologist, for example, we wouldn’t ask you to do a talk on a physics topic, unless you have indicated an interest in doing so.

How to sign up:

If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed above, please contact us at, and let us know which of these options you would like to participate in.