Provider Spotlights

Diana Asks the Big Questions

Searching for rare plants and animals with her family is one of Diana Vélez’s favorite activities.  In between tidepooling, bird watching, and exploring new outdoor locations, Diana is working to enhance and improve science teaching in classrooms throughout the Bay Area. 

Diana started her career as a teacher, but soon decided that to teach science, she should be more involved in her own knowledge and discovery of the natural world and scientific wonders.  As Diana studied science, she transitioned from teaching to coaching other teachers in their science lessons.  She directed and developed the Ocean Club, which teaches K-5 students about the ocean and gives them hands-on experience with water through restoration projects in their local water sheds. 

Cookies, Volcanoes & Surfing with Zoe Lake

Zoe Lake is an avid science explorer and has been teaching for the last three years.  She is an educator at the Lawrence Hall of Science and she is Managing Director of Act Out Science, a group committed to engaging people in positive experiences with science through theatre.  From performance art, to interactive inquiry, to hands-on experiences, Zoe has found that these are effective ways to learn and teach science.


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