Fall Giving Goal: $25,000


Elementary classrooms across the East Bay have been abuzz with the sounds of balloon-powered mini-cars zooming across floors, the fizzing and bubbling of mystery solutions, and children gasping in amazement at the antics of ladybugs -- all in the name of science.  Your generous support make this, and so many other explorations, possible for thousands of students in the classrooms of the 1,650+ teachers Community Resources for Science serves. 

As a result of CRS programs and services, teachers tell us they are more informed, skilled, confident, and successful in increasing science learning experiences for their students. Our signature programs to recruit, train, and place scientists and engineers into local schools to lead students in exciting hands-on investigations now engages over 550 scientists and engineers, reaching 15,000 kids each year. Every day, more young students are engaged, curious and inspired!

Thanks to generous challenge grants from both Dean Witter Foundation and Robert & Wendy Bergman, your donation will be matched and matched again!  Give now for 3x the impact!  Help us keep the science learning momentum going by and make a gift today!

Thanks to the support of generous donors like you, over 100,000 students have delighted in interacting with diverse, enthusiastic scientists and engineers through our Bay Area Scientists in Schools (BASIS) program over the past 20 years!

Teachers and principals rely on CRS for support as they strive to increase opportunities for students to explore the natural world, design solutions to problems, and imagine their own futures in STEM careers.  We see the results in many ways, including the more than 75 teachers who earned recognition for Excellence in Elementary Science through our Science Super Star Challenge program.

With a small but dynamic core team, CRS is able to stretch our lean budget to have significant impact. We invite you to see our Annual Reports and our Program Impact Reports.

With your support, we can continue to connect even more scientists, teachers, and students together in an innovative web of science learning, sharing amazing discoveries about the world we live in. Here are some examples of what your gift can do:

We invite you to contribute to CRS with a donation to help us bring hands-on science to thousands of teachers and students.  With your support, we can inspire the next generation of thinkers, problem-solvers, scientists and leaders.  Thank you!


CRS is a non profit organization; all donations are acknowledged, and are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.  Our nonprofit ID is: 94-3262587.

Or, send a check by mail to:

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