Educator Spotlights

Aaron Reaven Makes Growing Food and Air Pressure Fun!

Most of Aaron’s science activity takes place in the classroom, which is a good thing because that means he can share his excitement with students. One of his favorite lessons to teach is a food burning experiment about the science of calories titled, “Growing Food.”  

Exploring Physics, Earth Science, and Science Education with Melia

Melia Hong has been teaching second graders at John Muir Elementary School in Berkeley for the last eight years, and prior to that, she taught eighth graders in Oakland. She enjoys working with her class through hands-on science experiments and nature investigation.

Lorraine: From Goats to Keisha the Worm, an Excitement for all the World Around Us!


Lorraine Mann has been teaching at Prescott Elementary School for fourteen years, bringing her enthusiastic do-it-yourself attitude to a new generation of students through hands-on learning projects and her opening of an outdoor Science Nature Area in the kindergarten’s playground .

Mold, Erosion, and Goldfish

One of Jennifer Sethasang’s favorite science memories from her childhood is when she used a two-liter bottle to grow different types of mold.  She remembers adding sausage, greens, even batteries to the soda bottle concoction to see what would grow and what new things would form. 


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