Grade Level Programs & Websites

Could it get any easier?!  Here are up-to-date listings for you -- by grade, by science strand -- of the things teachers ask us for help with the most.  Click on one of the links and see how much information is now at your fingertips anytime you need it!  Find these helpful? We love feedback! 

  • Program Reports contain information on Field Trips, In-class Programs, Family Science Nights, Overnights.
  • Website Reports contain links to websites that provide both student and teacher background, on-line activity for students and in-class lesson plan ideas for teachers.
  • Sample Materials Reports contain information on a handful of things from classroom books to videos to curriculum guides to specimens and equipment that you could purchase for the classroom.  These lists of materials can help provide great ideas for activities in the classrooms.  We build this list of materials as teachers ask us to help find specific materials. 

 CRS Members can make a request for help in finding resources for specific topics. (Examples: frogs, skeletons, gold rush connections, etc.) 

Check out our boards on Pinterest! We have created boards for each grade level. 


FOSS Kit Support

1st Grade

FOSS Kit Support

2nd Grade

FOSS Kit Support

3rd Grade

FOSS Kit Support

4th Grade

FOSS Kit Support

5th Grade

FOSS Kit Support


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