District Support

CRS assists school administrators in designing professional development programs, supporting teacher planning through member services, and involving community resources to support the development of science teaching in their districts. We are committed to an approach that builds teachers' awareness and ability to act as independent professionals, aware of changing teaching techniques, able to learn from their practice, set personal goals, and reach the resources and training they want.

Work with CRS to find the right approach to help support teachers in your district

Without this worthwhile organization, a lot of science, field trips, workshops, and presenters would not have been utilized.  CRS has been an invaluable support for me throughout my teaching career.  There would be a void in my science teaching without their support.
--3rd/4th/5th Grade Teacher, Oakland Unified School District

CRS supports science education by working with individual teachers, principals and school faculties, and staff across entire districts.  The services we can offer your district are:

CRS Teacher Memberships Services

Sign up a group of teachers, every elementary teacher in at a school, or every elementary teacher in the district.

Members receive monthly e-NewsBlasts with the latest in professional development workshops, program deadlines, grant opportunities and Helpful tips for their science classroom. The also receive invitations to participate in special programs such as our Field Trips for Teachers and the Science Super Star Challenge. Members in the Oakland, Berkeley, Emery and West Contra Costa Unified Schools Districts will also receive invitations to have scientist volunteers in our BASIS program come to their classrooms to work with students. Find out about all the benefits of CRS Membership

Professional Development

CRS offers free and low cost professional development workshops to schools or groups of teachers. Our most popular topics are

  • Introduction to Elementary Engineering: What it is, Why it matters, and How to Get Started
  • Advanced Elementary Engineering: Design Challenges for K-2, and 3-5 Classrooms
  • Understanding the new science standards (Next Generation Science Standards) & How they Connect With Common Core Standards
  • Talk like a scientist: Discourse (polite arguing!) is now encouraged in the classroom
  • Throw a Fantastic Science & Engineering Festival: Tips, Tricks, and Low-cost materials for Successful Events
  • No-fears, no-tears Science Fair Explorations: Engage the Whole Class in Science Investigations & Engineering Challenges

You can learn more about our on our Professional Development page.

Contact CRS to talk about how we can work with your district to bring great science into your schools.


Examples of ongoing district support include:

Oakland Unified School District

  • Support for district Elementary Science Lead Teacher program.  CRS Teacher Membership Services for all lead teachers.  2007-present
  • Monthly workshops with STEM Corridor Schools in West Oakland. 2014-15
  • Lesson Planning workshop for all 5th grade teachers in the Elementary School Network 2.  2006

Berkeley Unified School District

  • Membership Support for every elementary teacher in district 2008- present
  • Membership Support for every elementary faculty requesting service 2004-2008
  • Support for all BUSD Science Release Teachers in Summer Institute and independent workshops to facilitate lesson planning and working with 4th and 5th grade classroom teachers. - 2006, 2009-2015

Castro Valley Unified School District

  • Support for design of district-wide professional development approach and preliminary proposal to the National Science Foundation. - 2003
  • Palomares Elementary - Support for evaluation of EPA grant outcomes including whole faculty workshop and evaluation report input. & support for new curriculum - 2001