2014 Science Super Star Accolades!

CRS is pleased to recognize the following schools & teachers for promoting science in their classrooms through reading, writing, and hands-on activities!


Whole School Participants:
* At these schools, 80% or more of the teachers completed the Science Super Star Challenge by
incorporating reading, writing, and hands on activities into their science teaching!

Chabot Elementary, OUSD

Juli Ward
Brennan Agajan
James Harrison
Dianna Schonfield
Celia Bermeo
Doshia Battiest
Leslie Rychel
Miranda Carrow
Darlene Perdisatt
Andrea Trautman
Deborah Flanagan
Pearl Rapson
Danny Nagatani
Leslie Olrich
Kyle Wong
Anna Forward
Jennifer Brackett
Joon Yeider
Megan Shaughnessy
Amy Moscato
Phoebe Diamond
Daniel Villarreal
Laura Shield

Burckhalter Elementary, OUSD

Lillie Manning
Lisa Capuano Oler
Lilllie Hayes-Staples
Candace Harper
Meghan Whitacre
Kathy Konrady
Elyata Davis

Sankofa Academy, OUSD

Patrick Hamiton
Leslie Serbousek
Marisa Mills
Ailina Mattson
Roberta Parker
Kei Swensen
Michael Williams
Jill Guerra
Natalie Tran



New Highland Academy, OUSD

Carrie Anderson
Diego Callejon
Emily Blossom
Joanna Davis
Kelle Banks
Aija Simmons
Tracy Dordell
Channon Jackson
Carol Rojas
Kimm Ward
Donald Carter
Tim Horton








Congratulations to this year's individual Science Super Star Classrooms!

  • Cragmont Elementary, BUSD
    • Sara Ellberg
    • Cathie Irwin
    • Cherene Fillingim-Selk
    • Eleanor Tiglao
  • International Community School, OUSD
    • Raquel Rodriguez Jones
    • Micaela Morse
    • Timothy Douglas
    • Nicol LaCava
    • Lindsay Daseler
  • Franklin Elementary, OUSD
    • Neila von Essen
    • Lisa Lam
    • Sherry Jacobs
  • Cleveland Elementary, OUSD
    • Susan Tajima
  • Community United Elementary, OUSD
    • Elizabeth Cooke
    • Linda Selph
  • Brookfield Village Elementary, OUSD
    • Christina Economou
  • EnCompass Academy, OUSD
    • Liz Cruger
    • Sarah Swanson-Hysell
    • Jamie Bowen
    • Marlene Klein-Atwood
    • Meaghan Matsuoka
    • Malayphet Insixiengmay
    • Katrina Jones
  • Thousand Oaks Elementary, BUSD
    • Julie Brod
  • Joaquin Miller Elementary, OUSD
    • Ifetayo Hill-Roy
    • Chaya Frash
    • Kathy Moran


  • Bridges Academy at Melrose, OUSD
    • Ann Park
    • Jessica Jung
    • Lorna Baird
    • Gloria Garcia
  • Lincoln Elementary, OUSD
    • Allison McGuirk
    • Maria Motonaga
    • John Lee
  • Howard Elementary, OUSD
    • Virak Sarouen
    • Freida Baker-Nash
    • Randy Sherren
    • Mary Hill
  • Berkeley Arts Magnet, BUSD
    • Kristine Fowler
  • Place at Prescott, OUSD
    • Constance Cobb-Zunino
    • Cicely Day
    • Lorraine Mann
  • Lafayette Elementary, OUSD
    • Sharon Travers
    • Corigan Malloy
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, OUSD
    • Precious James
    • Michele Williams
  • Washington Elementary, BUSD
    • Mindy Geminder
  • Laurel Elementary, OUSD
    • ​Sarah Diamond
    • Grace Tse
    • Lisë Yskamp
    • Melissa Gale
    • Adriene Williams
    • Margaret LeWright
    • Lena Why



Special Recognition for Excellence in Elementary Science Teaching

CRS honors the classroom teachers, lead science teachers, and principals of the OUSD Science and Literacy Cohort for their dedication to implementing meaningful science learning integrated with literacy and language arts.

Burckhalter Elementary • EnCompass Academy • Franklin Elementary
Hoover Elementary • Howard Elementary • International Community School
Joaquin Miller Elementary • Lafayette Elementary • Laurel Elementary
Martin Luther King Elementary • New Highland Elementary
Parker Elementary • PLACE @ Prescott Elementary


We would also like to acknowledge all of our wonderful donors who make it possible to
give prizes to our participating teachers, students, and schools.
Thank you so much for your generosity!





Lisa Gamboa












Naomi Shelan on behalf of Benchmark Education





University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley