2013 Science Super Star Accolades!


Congratulations to Chabot Elementary, Lafayette Elementary and PLACE @ Prescott Elementary, our 2012-2013 Science Super Star Schools! Teachers in these three distinguished schools have demonstrated a commitment to ensuring that each of their students receives high quality science education experiences.

Whole school prizes  have been generously provided by: The East Bay Regional Parks Mobile Aquarium- "The    Fish Mobile",  Rock Steady Juggling with StopWaste.org and the Bay Area Puma Project through the Felidae Conservation Fund.

Our full list of funders and community business partners highlights others involved in supporting this work.

CRS is pleased to acknowledge all of the individual classrooms from the following schools for excellence in science education:

  • Lafayette Elementary, Oakland:  Principal Eddie Scruggs-Smith.  Teachers: Byron Delcomb, Corrigan Malloy, Russell Cohen, Gloria Williams, Angelina Gilyard-Shyne, Sharon Travers, Arvella Hayden, Carmen Hendon, John Morgan
  • PLACE @ Prescott, Oakland:  Principal Enomwoyi Booker.  Teachers: Lorraine Mann, Cicely Day, Claudine Wright, Janina Ivester, Linda Fox, Adriana Guadarrama, Constance Cobb-Zunino
  • Chabot Elementary, Oakland:  Principal Jonathan Mayer.  Teachers: Miranda Carrow, Joon Yeider, Danny Nagatani, James Harrison, Jennifer Brackett, Darlene Perdistatt, Kyle Wong, Deborah Flanagan, Amy Moscato, Phoebe Diamond, Brennan Agajan, Celia Bermeo, Doshia Battiest, Leslie Rychel, Meghan Shaughnessy, Andrea Trautman, Pearl Rapson, Laura Shield, Daniel Villareal, Anna Forward, Dianna Schonfield, Juli Ward

Science Super Star Classrooms

  • Berkeley Arts Magnet, Berkeley:  Kristine Fowler 
  • Bridges Academy at Melrose, Oakland:  Ann Park, Candice Camp, Jessica Jung, Rosa Kurshan-Emmer
  • Burckhalter Elementary, Oakland:  Lille Hayes-Staples, Lisa Capuana Oler, Meghan Whitacre, Candace Harper
  • Community United Elementary, Oakland:  Linda Selph
  • Encompass Academy, Oakland:  Liz Cruger
  • Franklin Elementary, Oakland: Karen Gross
  • Howard Elementary, Oakland: Randy Sherren, Mary Hill, Colleen Shepherd
  • Laurel Elementary, Oakland: Lise Yskamp
  • Lincoln Elementary, Oakland:  Allison McGuirk
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, Oakland:  Lindsey Smallwood
  • New Highland Academy, Oakland:  Tracy Dordell, Joanna Davis
  • Oxford Elementary, Berkeley: Sarah Ellberg, Shay McGilvrey, Jaime Vines, Jacqueline Omania
  • Parker Elementary, Oakland:  Kathryn Mapps
  • Washington Elementary, Berkeley:  Mindy Geminder

We would also like to recognize the following Berkeley Science Resource Teachers as having completed the Challenge in the schools they serve by weaving science connections through reading, writing, and giving students hands-on experiences throughout the year:

  • Ray Adams
  • Jon Bidnloss
  • Julie Brod
  • Cherene Fillingim-Selk
  • Dennis Hall
  • Rachel Harris
  • Suzanne Ingley
  • Caitlin Jenkins
  • Lindsey Mothersbaugh
  • John Poole

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