Science Resource Database

Welcome to the CRS database of science teaching resources, where we've gathered information to support your science lesson planning:

  • Science Education Programs from around the Bay Area (Field Trips, In-class Programs, Assemblies, Family Science Nights, Professional Development Workshops, New or Temporary Science Exhibits, Program Registration Deadlines)
  • Science Education Grants
  • Websites for teachers and students
  • Sample materials and links to vendors

Helpful Hints while using the database:

Most teachers prefer to just ask us to help them find what they are looking for, but if you'd like to try "self serve" first, we've made the CRS Resource Database available for you to search, below.  To help narrow down the search results after putting in a search term like "frog," select a resource type (such as "education programs" or "websites")  from the drop down menu.  The category "education programs" includes both field trips and in-school presentations such as assemblies.

  • Click the link that says "Resource Types." You will then see more links for education programs, websites, and materials. Select which type of resource you are looking for
  • Click the link that says "Time Sensitive Resources" if you are looking for things like professional development workshops, science education grants, or temporary exhibits

Still can't find what you are looking for? 

  • Check out our Grade Level Programs & Websites page for reports generated from this database sorted by grade level and science content strand. These provide a grade-by-grade, strand-by-strand overview of some of the most popular resources.
  • Check out the many other resource available in our Science Teaching Tools section of the website
  • Ask us! For CRS Members Only: Make a request to have CRS send you information on the specific science resources you are trying to find.