Our Impact

2016-17 Academic Year

For individual program elements, CRS has a robust program evaluation protocol in place, including surveys of teachers and volunteers, and in some cases students as well.  CRS analyzes empirical and narrative responses from these surveys to measure impact.

Growth in This School Year

  • 1,670 teachers served
  • 600+ STEM role models recruited, prepared, and placed in classrooms
  • BASIS lessons presented in 506 classrooms, engaging 14,500+ young learners

Teacher Survey Responses:

​100% of teachers reported that their students respond positively to science experiences.

91% of teachers "feel more informed about science resources" as a direct result of CRS support services.

Over 80% of teachers indicated that CRS services helped them to do more science and improve their science teaching, allowed them to 'see how effectively science activities engage all kinds of students', and spurred them to add a new science lesson, field trip, or other experience for their students this year.

Teachers indicated that observing the BASIS classroom presentations enabled them to understand their students' science knowledge and interest.  More than 80% of the teachers were surprised by at least one of their students "participating or demonstrating skills above his/her normal classroom level".

BASIS Impact on Students

Of teachers who DID have BASIS in class presentation, 98% reported being fully satisfied with the presentation and plan to request one again. Specific benefits of BASIS lessons cited include:

100% said: Observing my students’ engagement in the BASIS activity encouraged me to include more hands-on science activities in my classroom.      Presentations helped dispel student stereotypes of “who” is a scientist , agreed 90% of teachers.

Through BASIS activities, teachers said students:

Grew more interested in science100%
Connected what we learned in the classroom with experiences in their lives and the real world97%
Asked thoughtful questions97%
Were engaged in hands-on experiences100%
Discussed their own science observations and ideas99%
Effectively learned new science concepts99%

The BASIS lessons are a great way to integrate science into the classrooms. It's really wonderful to have real scientists volunteer their time to talk about their work and share their knowledge with the students. I wish there were more opportunities for them to come!" OUSD, Grade 5 teacher

BASIS volunteers were extremely knowledgeable and well-prepared and engaged my entire class with grade-level appropriate science investigations. It was fabulous." OUSD, 2nd grade teacher

The volunteers were fantastic. I cannot thank you enough for letting them share with my students. I heard from many parents that their children came home excited about fungus! We've studied plants a lot, so this was a great twist. I plan to do this lesson every year!"

It was great to have the scientists come and talk to our students. The students were very excited to have three scientists know so much about the subject. The presenters were eloquent and their language was accessible to the students. It was wonderful to see them interacting with the fourth graders. The presenters were joyful, well prepared and enthusiastic about the subject. That was translated to the students and the whole experience was successful. Thank you!” 

I love that the program offers diverse presenters! Kids need examples of what answers you're looking for, like differentiating different forces & actions/reactions. I loved these enthusiastic & positive presenters."

It is always helpful to learn from those who specialize in a subject area. I had not realized that the adaptation of animals to their particular habitat could be so simply discussed. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. The children began making comparisons of other animals they know, connecting body features to where they live.” 


Volunteers are impacted too:

Most volunteers indicate they felt well prepared, that their lessons were well received, and that they developed new skills in communicating science to non-scientific audiences.

In their own words:

CRS is super sweet (awesome like candy)!  This was my first time teaching in this program and I think CRS did a great job providing training for me.  I look forward to teaching again!" –Magnets Are Sweet Volunteer

We were quite struck and pleased by questions of how we got in to our science careers and what interested us about our fields.  The students were very inquisitive during the question and answer sessions and really seemed to enjoy the presentation as a whole." –2010-11 Graduate Student Volunteers

Participating in BASIS is a great way for me to give back to the local community in a way that I find meaningful. It also lets me get out of the lab and improve my teaching skills and see the rewarding aspects that teaching can offer. I really like doing BASIS lessons and it's something that I look forward to every month.” –2014-2015 Volunteer

I love working with kids doing hands-on activities – it's wonderful to see the science come to life for them in a way that books and lectures can't do. It keeps me excited about science, too.” –2014-2015 Volunteer

It is important to me to be able to share my passion for science with elementary school students and teachers, to try and inspire and demonstrate the relevance of science to their everyday lives. The excitement and enthusiasm of the students also helps to remind me how fun and exciting science can be!” –2014-2015 Volunteer

It was a blast, as usual! The kids were such a pleasure to talk with. They were creative and open-minded, and they even wanted us to come back and do another lesson!" –Graduate Student Volunteer

BASIS helped me discover what I wanted to do with my life. I loved my research and teaching undergraduate students, but something always felt like it was missing. After joining BASIS, I realized that visiting various schools and exposing youth to science (who might not normally have has access to these resources) was an amazing endeavor, and one what I wish to continue in the future.” –2014-2015 Volunteer

My respect for teachers grows every time!" –2010-11 Volunteer

It's great to see the students get excited about science. Oftentimes the teacher is very interested, too, and I hope this encourages them to incorporate more science into their regular lesson plans." –Graduate Student Volunteer

It is really fun to give back to the community by sharing my passion for science." –2010-11 Volunteer

Even though this was our first time in the classroom, the experience has already been extremely rewarding!  When the teacher asked the class why we were there, one kid responded, "to help us be smart" and another to help them get interested in science.  I think that their curiosity and willingness to learn is just a great thing to see and know that we have helped in some way!" –BASIS Volunteer

I am passionate about improving science education and literacy in our country. If I inspire an interest in science in even just one student, I feel that my time spent has been more than worthwhile." –Graduate Student Volunteer

​From the Students:

I really enjoyed it.  It was really cool how we actually got to see real brains from different animals."

THANK YOU!!!  I really appreciate how hard you guys work!!!  This was an interesting and special experience I will always remember.  When I get older now I might want to work as a scientist."

I learned that when you are a scientist you can study anything."

You were really great! I might go to CAL too."

Thank you for teaching us about science. We really appreciate it. We had a lot of fun!"

It was fun.  The simulation acted out something really similar to real life."

It really made me more interested in the unit we are studying."

I think the best part was when they were instructing us, because it was easy to tell that [the volunteers] loved what they were doing."