About CRS

Getting kids excited about science is easy!

CRS helps teachers build on that enthusiasm and bring meaningful science learning experiences to life in their classrooms.

Children have a natural curiosity and a craving to learn.  CRS works to nurture that learning by connecting classroom teachers with scientists, museums, enrichment providers, and professional development programs in order to bring more science learning experiences to students.  CRS also helps individuals and organizations involved in science education to work together and become stronger partners for teachers and schools. CRS has been building and strengthening connections in science education since 1997!

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to science support.  An experienced Kindergarten teacher may seek different kinds of resources and information than a brand new 4th grade teacher. 

That’s why CRS has developed a unique request-based system to provide individual support and customized responses to teachers, in addition to the comprehensive resource information we send out to all teachers on a regular basis.

Our goal is simple: help teachers give elementary and middle school students more opportunities to “do science” – to ask questions, test ideas, get their hands on real science activities.  Together, we need to inspire and prepare the next generation of thinkers, makers, problem solvers, and leaders!

There is nothing like a look of true wonder, curiosity, or discovery on the face of a 10-year-old kid. --Miriam, Graduate Student Volunteer

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CRS is a gem in our educational community. Once teachers fully comprehend all that CRS has to offer, they are amazed and delighted! All of my communications with CRS have been professional, prompt and focused on my requests - qualities greatly appreciated by busy teachers. Thank you CRS Team!

--CRS Member Teacher, Oakland