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Meredith Triplet: Helping Others Through Faith and Science

We spotlight Meredith Triplet, who wears many hats with CRS: BASIS volunteer, Steering Committee and Advisory Council member, and Campus Recruiter.  Her journey combining faith and science gives her a unique perspective as an others-centered woman in STEM.

20 Year Celebration

Thanks to all who joined us for our 20 Year Celebration! We are halfway to meeting our Robert & Wendy Bergman challenge grant of $10,000!  Enjoy photos of the honorees and festivities.

Spotlight On . . .

CRS Honors Science Super Stars

East Bay elementary classrooms are abuzz with the sounds of balloon rocket cars, index card towers toppling over, & children gasping in amazement at ladybugs- all in the name of science.  Hear from our Exemplar of Excellence Honorees.

It's Elementary Honorees

Check out videos & award descriptions from our 20th Anniversary Celebration Honorees!

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